• Report an Emergency

    To report an electrical emergency please contact NOCECO 24 Hour Helpline:

    (034) 471-3051

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Report an Emergency

There are a number of situations arising from the use of electricity in our everyday lives that could be classified as emergencies. If you experience one of the scenarios below, call 471-3051 immediately:

  • •   dangerous poles – on a lean, sparking, on fire, hit by a vehicle or lying on the ground
  • •   tingling or slight shocks received from your taps
  • •   fallen, broken or arcing powerlines
  • •   clashing conductors
  • •   damaged or exposed wires
  • •   substation door open

In emergency situations where lives are in danger, call the RESCUE Team at 471-2233 .


In instances where poles or powerlines fall to the ground or other scenarios mentioned above call NOCECO to help you. Please contact NOCECO 24 Hour Helpline: 471-3051 or 4712-966 or you may contact your nearest NOCECO Area to assist you.







Para sa tanan nga miembro kag manug-pamiembro sa NOCECO:

Ang BIR ukon Bureau of Internal Revenue ang sa karon nagamando sa NOCECO nga para mapadayon ang “Tax Exemption ”, dapat ang tanan nga miembro ukon manug pamiembro pa lang...

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Invitation to BID

    NOCECO invites interested parties to apply for eligibility and to bid . For inquiries, contact the BAC Secretariat at (034) 471-3359, 471-2229 loc 214 or email at

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