• Electrical Accidents

    No matter how much we strive to make our domestic environment as safe as possible, accidents at home can still happen - even in the most conscientious of households.

    The main cause of home accident is general negligence of safety at home. We provide some first aid measures and how to call for help.


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Electrical Accidents

Home Accidents

Here are some first aid measures we provide for you and how to call for help.

  • DO NOT RUSH TO HAVE A CONTACT WITH THE VICTIM - you may also receive an electric shock.
  • Turn off the source of electricity immediately (i.e. main switch, light switch, circuit breaker, etc. If you have a second supply of electricity this will need to be disabled too.
  • If turning off the main switch is not an easy option (ex.  too high for your reach), use non-conductive material such as plastic or dry wood to separate the source of electricity from the victim.
  • Dial 4712-911 (Kabankalan Area) or 4712-233 (PLDT) .If you have a mobile phone dial 09231944538 to connect to DROCK (RESCUE).
  • Do not touch the victim until you are sure that they are no longer in contact with the electrical current.
  • If the area is safe, check the victim's vital signs such as the depth of his breathing and regularity of his heart beat. If either one is effected by exposure to electricity or if the victim is unconscious, begin to perform CPR.
  • Treat any areas of the victim's body that may've sustained burns. If the victim is responsive and does not appear seriously injured but looks pale or faint, he may be at risk of going into shock. Gently lay him down with his head slightly lower than his chest and his feet elevated.
  • Seek medical advice after an electric shock as soon as possible, even if injury is not apparent.

Power Line Accidents

Treat every power line as if it were a "live" wire and dangerous. Report any broken poles or trees on the power line or any downed electric lines to NOCECO immediately or dial 911.

Take necessary precautions to keep others away from the area until qualified personnel arrive on the scene. If a power line falls on a vehicle, stay away and avoid making contact. If someone is inside the car, have the person stay there until professional help arrives. In the event of an electrical accident involving power lines follow these steps:

  • Do not go near an injured person if it means going near power lines.
  • Phone NOCECO on 471-3051 if using a landline or 09209133406 if you are using a mobile to disconnect power to the affected power line.
  • Stand back and urge other bystanders to keep a distance of at least six metres (the distance that high voltage electricity can 'arc' or jump).
  • Do not approach the scene until the proper authorities have declared the area safe.


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