• D.E.L.I.G.H.T
    Our Corporate Values

    Our corporate values acronymed DELIGHT guide our behavior, and collectively, our behaviors determine how we are perceived as an Electric Cooperative.

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Our corporate values acronymed DELIGHT guide our behavior, and collectively, our behaviors determine how we are perceived as an Electric Cooperative.


  • Live up faithfully to our responsibilities as public servants behaving at all times in accordance with the highest ethical standards while making the most effective and efficient use of money, machine, man-hours and  other resources that are entrusted to us
  • Do what we say we will do and finish what we have started
  • Being accountable for our own actions: these include punctuality, self-control, compliance to rules and regulations, the practice of safety for ourselves and others

We commit to EXCELLENCE and innovations:

  • Do our job to the best of our ability, taking every opportunity to render extra service when needed, and providing appropriate, effective and consistent delivery of service in response to the need of our customers, employees, suppliers, other development partners and the general public.
  • Demonstrate a passion for understanding and meeting the needs of our customers and shareholders
  • Take active responsibility for the quality of service we provide to customers and others
  • Are open to change and readily implement better ways of doing things
  • Have high performance expectations and a mindset of excellence
  • Are innovative in identifying new opportunities and approaches for our customers and ourselves

We strengthen our LOYALTY to the Coop:

  • Identify ourselves with NOCECO, look upon its interest as our own
  • Think, work and speak only for its welfare and development

We act with INTEGRITY and communicate honestly and openly:

  • Align our actions with our words and deliver what we promise.
  • Build and strengthen our reputation through trust.
  • Do not improperly influence others or let them improperly influence us.
  • Respect and behave in an open and honest manner.
  • Work with dignity and pride and exert our effort to continuously build and maintain the highest standard and quality of service that NOCECO is known
  • Deal with people and issues openly, directly and respectfully
  • Take actions that are consistent with words
  • Do the right thing even if unpopular or risky
  • Foster a climate of trust and openness between people
  • Openly give, invite and receive coaching and feedback

We uphold GODLINESS and high moral standards:

  • Live up to our faith in God entrusting to Him the safety and sustainability of NOCECO
  • Acknowledge God’s sovereignty in all aspects of our operation
  • Start and end the day with a prayer

We uphold HONESTY anywhere:

  • Serve NOCECO, its member-customers, contractors and suppliers with sincerity and truthfulness while keeping our promises in response to their needs
  • Maintain the trust reposed to us by the management
  • Give truthful information
  • Do the right thing for the right reason
  • Being honest even if others are not
  • Carry with us a responsibility to be above reproach when making operational and financial decisions

We build TEAMWORK, respect each other and celebrate our diversity:

  • Collectively contribute our individual skills, time, talent and strength towards the achievement of our goals
  • Take ownership of team goals and are accountable for own part in the process
  • Promote teamwork among groups; discourage "we vs. they"  and “I vs. you” thinking
  • Listen to input from teammates to reach the best solution
  • Hold ourselves and others accountable for results
  • Work to create partnerships and to collaborate across functions
  • Treat fellow employees and customers with respect
  • Appreciate and value each other and our diverse backgrounds and life experiences
  • Actively seek to understand and include others regardless of differences
  • Effectively collaborate as a member of a diverse team; seek out diversity of thought


Para sa tanan nga miembro kag manug-pamiembro sa NOCECO:

Ang BIR ukon Bureau of Internal Revenue ang sa karon nagamando sa NOCECO nga para mapadayon ang “Tax Exemption ”, dapat ang tanan nga miembro ukon manug pamiembro pa lang...

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Invitation to BID

    NOCECO invites interested parties to apply for eligibility and to bid . For inquiries, contact the BAC Secretariat at (034) 471-3359, 471-2229 loc 214 or email at

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