• Apply for Electric
    Service Connection

    Be a member. Applicants aplying for membership or requesting electric service from NOCECO may be asked to complete and sign a standard service application form and provide photo identification. Failure to establish identity or the inability to verify payment of a past due amount could result in denial of service.

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Apply for Electric Service Connection

What are the requirements for membership?

  • 1. Attending the Membership Orientation Seminar (MOS).  
        View seminar schedule.

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    Membership Orientation Seminar Schedule

    San Enrique Sub-Office
    10:00 A.M.
    La Carlota Sub-Office
    10:00 A.M.
    Binalbagan Sub-Office
    9:00 A.M.
    Sipalay Sub-Office
    9:00 A.M.
    Kabankalan Main Office       
    9:00 A.M.

  • 2. Have an authorized wireman (barangay electrician/licensed electrical engineer) and complete housewiring     inspection forms.

  • 3. Have appropriate permits (building/electrical) in city/municipal engineers.

  • 4. Personal submission to NOCECO of your housewiring inspection forms, photocopy of authority of wireman,     building/electrical permits.

  • 5. Fill-up and sign your application for membership and electric service contract. Bring one new Community Tax    Certificate (Cedula).

  • 6. Pay the following requirements:   View here.
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    Requirement Fees

    a.)   Membership fee    
    Php 100.00
    b.)   Lamination fee (new ID system)     
    Php 30.00
    c.)   Notarial  
    Php 25.00
    d.)   Service Fee       
    Php 20.00
    e.)   Paid-up share capital (25%of subscribed share)
    Php 300.00
                (New members are required to subscribe at least 12 shares of share capital)
    f.)    Inspection fee    
                1000 volt amperes and below    
    Php 120.00
                2000 VA but not lower than 1001 VA
    Php 350.00
                5000 VA but not lower than 2001 VA  
    Php 600.00
                5001 VA and above   
    Php 1,200.00
    g.)   Connection fee  
    Php 350.00
    h.)   Service line (Subject to change w/o prior notice)  
    Php 20.00/meter
    i.)    One (1) month Bill deposit
                Loads equal to 800 VA and below 
    Php 100.00
                800 VA but not more than 1,500 VA    
    Php 300.00
                1500 VA but not more than 5000 VA 
    Php 900.00
                5000 VA and higher      
    Php 2,100.00

* Pay only to the authorized employee of NOCECO and ask for your official receipt.

Click here to view the requirements in PDF File



Para sa tanan nga miembro kag manug-pamiembro sa NOCECO:

Ang BIR ukon Bureau of Internal Revenue ang sa karon nagamando sa NOCECO nga para mapadayon ang “Tax Exemption ”, dapat ang tanan nga miembro ukon manug pamiembro pa lang...

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Invitation to BID

    NOCECO invites interested parties to apply for eligibility and to bid . For inquiries, contact the BAC Secretariat at (034) 471-3359, 471-2229 loc 214 or email at

    View here.